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Wild Rose IT are a leading Computer System and Software Testing consultancy, based in Calgary, Canada, with over sixteen years of experience operating throughout Europe, Scandinavia and North America.

We are experienced in Computer System and Software testing and expert in manual testing, but we also specialize in using automation testing techniques where the testing is conducted using computerized tools that can emulate hundreds of real life users for non-functional performance testing or create effective, reusable regression test packs for functional testing.

The main benefits that businesses have found with automating their testing are reduced labor and hardware costs, improved productivity, increased speed of testing cycles, greater coverage, complete reproducibility, reusability and improved accuracy.

It should also be noted that efficient mobile device testing necessarily requires the use of automation techniques.

It is never too early to introduce automation testing into your quality assurance process. We have no affiliation with Hewlett Packerd or more latterly Micro Focus, but having tried a number of different Quality Assurance (QA) automation tools, we have elected to use their market leading tools, as they are completely integrated, offer the most protocols and therefore have the ability to test more systems:- Unified Functional Tester (UFT) - Used for automating functional and regression testing, Loadrunner - Used for non-functional performance and load and stress testing, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) - Used for Test Management and defect management. We can also recommend using Selenium for automating the functional testing of Web sites and mobile devices. If you are thinking of getting any of these products, or you already have invested in them, we can show you how to get the best out them.

We have had direct experience of testing SAP, HTTP, Java, Websphere, Weblogic, Oracle 11i eBusiness, Siebel, Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and .NET systems.

Our experience has been gained through assisting Multi-National Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies, Telecomms companies, Distribution companies, Police Forces, Government Agencies, Major IT Consulting companies, Retail Banks, Central Banks, Insurance companies, Transportation companies and Energy companies with their testing needs.

This site explains the different testing styles and methodologies, and describes some of the automation tools that we use.

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Wild Rose IT recognize and appreciate ISTQB's ongoing contribution to International Testing Standards, Training and Certification

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